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 You two are perfect together

How you make each other laugh, how you settle arguments, and how you both just want everyone to party and have a good time.


Maybe you already know your first dance song and you have a list of music you want played, but how’s this all gonna come together and where do you go from here?

Let's make your wedding the best day of your life!


Hi I’m DJ West! 

Weddings are what I do, but I don’t stop there.


When I first started doing weddings, I was worried I was going to blow it. I was so caught up with the music, the equipment, and the logistics.


There’s so many moving parts.

  • Setting up microphones for the ceremony

  • Working with the other vendors

  • Balancing being professional yet fun as your MC

  • Mixing music during the reception

  • Making sure I pronounce the wedding party’s names correctly


Those are all important. But the number one thing is making sure everyone has a good time.


Especially you.


It’s not your job to make sure everyone’s having fun. It’s my job.


I’ll help set the tone from the minute your first guest arrives to that last dance where everyone’s on the dance floor with you, arm in arm, laughing, smiling, crying and singing along all at the same time.
















This is your day.


Choosing music is the easy part. What makes a great party is being able to read a room, draw out the crowd, get them on the dance floor, and keep them on the dance floor.


When I walk into your wedding; I want to know you, your family and your friends so well they’re gonna think we went to highschool together.


Your bridesmaids are gonna wonder how I knew to play that song you used to always sing together in college. I’ll know how you feel about the Wobble and whether your family’s more into classic rock or motown. I’ll take that list of random songs and know exactly the right moment to play each of them to set the mood and keep the flow going.


In order to do that, we’re gonna get to know each other over the next several months.


















I specialize in making sure that everyone has a good time



My background is in sociology, which is what allows me to connect and interact with your guests so well. I understand people and am determined to find out what it will take to hype up your


My wife Shina is the organized one who keeps this business running.

She’s who helps me understand brides and what’s most important to them on their wedding day.


Together we know how to party


The good times are just getting started. No two weddings are the same. Your wedding is special and unique to me so don’t be surprised if I cry during your first dance.


We love this chance to celebrate marriage. We’re excited to be a part of this day for you and your forever best friend.


Let’s get this party started.

"You did such an amazing job and made our reception so fun! Many of our guests said how great our DJ was! Thank YOU for being a great DJ!"
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