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If you want to have an unforgettable wedding,then you need a DJ that does more than just play music.

Your friends and family are coming to celebrate your love story.


Let’s make sure it’s a day no one will ever forget.


Because this isn’t just your wedding day. It’s your marriage.

And it’s forever. Forever ever.

"Amazing guy! So we hired DJ West even though we are 3 hours away from him. He not only drove that distance but he was also prompt and followed through perfectly. we got so many compliments on how fun the wedding was and how good at his job he was, he was probably the highlight of our wedding. He gets on the dance floor with you and can sing too! He also knows how to read the crowd and plays a good mix of music based on what he thinks will get people up and dancing. His online portal was super easy to use and we had a lot of fun picking songs we wanted played, too. Overall I just think there are main points to get right for a good wedding: good food, good atmosphere, and good music, and he definitely provides the last two. I highly recommend DJ West!!"-Miranda  

The Party's not going to start itself.

I look at your wedding day in three parts.

There’s the formal part, the buildup, and the party.
The formal part is where all the tissues come out, the speeches are made, and the cake gets cut.
The buildup is the time after dinner when everyone is finished eating, but not dancing yet.
This is my specialty.
Getting people from their seats to the dance floor is an art, and it takes more than a playlist to
make sure everyone has a good time.

How we do it

Step #1: I’m gonna get to know you.

This is what makes me effective.

My onboarding process helps me learn more about you and the type of day you want to have.

Step #2: We’re gonna make a plan.

This is where it all comes together.


You’ll get access to your customized online music portal, and we’ll go over what songs you want played and
how I should handle requests.

Step #3: You get to party while I execute the plan!

This is the fun part.

From the time your ceremony starts until the last song, I’ll make sure everything is on point.

You know what you want and I’ll make it happen.

Your DJ sets the tone for your wedding.


From what song you’re walking down the aisle to, to the bridal party introductions, and your first dance; I’ve got you covered.


Call me your licensed Partyologist.

I’ll be your MC, mix the music, and get everyone dancing and having a great time.


Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452


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