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5 BONUS Vendor Tips on How to get your Groom Excited & Involved in Wedding Planning!

We are excited for you to hear from 5 different wedding planners that will help you get your groom involved and excited about planning your wedding. Last week you heard straight from former brides and grooms on what they did that helped. This week we are going to be sharing some insights from some of Virginia's top Wedding Planners and Coordinators who have a first hand-intimate view of what works best for couples when it comes to planning!

1. No matter how involved or uninvolved your groom is, make sure you always ask for his opinion; even though he may not have many (especially on flowers or colors). There are usually a couple of things he really cares about (possibly food, bar, music) and that’s about it. Make sure he goes to those meetings and you ask for his opinion on those things. Even having him contact the vendors directly is a great way for him to help you out and keep him involved in the process! If he doesn’t seem interested, it’s ok... he just wants to make sure you’re happy! When that happens you call on your girls and/or planner to help out!

-Michelle Amarillo, Michelle Amarillo Event Planning


2. The exceptions of my brides who can’t make a decision and who are all over the place emotionally start to unravel the weeks leading up to the event. It’s really great when a groom gets involved to help keep her calm and remain level headed. I’m referring to the process and it’s entirety dealing with flowers, decor, etc. Grooms usually don’t see the need for any of that. At that point I will tell my bride, hey listen, this is your other half that you are about to start a life with, lean on him a little bit and let him take some of this stress off of you. Then after that advice they are usually very helpful at that point.

-Maria DeGalleford, Everly After Events http://www.everlyafterevents.com

3. I encourage my brides to have their grooms get involved in things like, wedding colors, since it affects what they wear as well as their groomsmen, cake tasting, and food. I also recommend having the groom be in charge of thing such as, music and helping with the seating arrangement.

-Molly, Champagne Pop Events


4. I do an exercise with my clients to list out 7 main things that couples should focus on when planning their weddings. What are their top priorities? I usually suggest they focus on food, venue, attire, guest experience, music, atmosphere, etc. Then I have the bride ask the groom to select his top 4 and ask what stands out to the groom and to have him share his input. I want them to work together to make the ultimate decision.

-Jasmine Lowery, Agape Love Events https://www.agapeloveevents.com/

5. The first thing I would like to say in regards to getting your future hubby involved in the planning process is not to get upset that he doesn't show interest. Not all men are planners and they seriously want what their future wives want. That means more to them than any of the planning. All they want outside of saying 'I Do' is seeing you happy. If they sense you are getting stressed out they will try to come up with a solution because most men like to "fix" problems and they will more than likely say things like, why are we doing this, why don't we just go to the justice of the peace, or does that even matter. Of course to you they all do matter. I've noticed during consultations with couples that once the bride begins gushing with excitement over all the little details, like, centerpieces, color palettes, or whether or not they are going to have rose petals down the aisle, the groom has a blank stare on his face. However, some men love helping with planning with their future wife. You just need to know what type of man you are marrying. I would recommend to the bride whose husband seem to be missing in action, to assign tasks from the beginning with deadlines. Keep them simple like order the tux for the guys, when the tastings are scheduled, help choose music for the reception, help decide on the first dance song, how to do the grand entrance and definitely work on the seating chart together and when things start to become stressful, take a break from wedding planning all together and schedule a date night where you just unwind and focus on one another. Remember, the smallest of details that you are stressing about quite possibly won't even be noticed on your wedding day.

-Tara Jones, Simply southern weddings and events


In my experience some of my absolute best weddings have been where the groom was involved in whatever capacity the couple came up with. It does absolute wonders for creating a balance, alleviating stress, as well cultivating excitement for both the bride and groom for the big day. As you are planning your wedding remember you are planning a life together as well and your Wedding is one the first training sessions that will help as you work to build a long lasting life together.

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