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10 Questions To Ask Your DJ Before Hiring

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

This is probably the biggest event you have ever planned and on top of that it is your Wedding! As your DJ I am here to help you make the process smooth. In our beginning talks and consultations I want you to feel as comfortable and informed as possible so I have come up with some of my most frequently asked questions you can ask to kick off the conversation. 

1. Are you available for my Wedding Date? 

This is one of the first and most important questions to ask to get the conversation started. It is important to have your date and even your venue locked in before hiring a DJ so that you can ensure availability.

2. Will you be my DJ or some one else?

The two types of structures that DJ companies have are single opts (Where you have one single DJ providing service to its clients and multi opts where there is a team of different DJs. Sometimes where you are assigned a DJ based on different factors or you get to choose your DJ.

3. What different packages do you offer for Weddings?

Some DJs may provide service on an hourly basis, some may have a base rate and you can choose add ons and some may have set packages that can fit different needs. I will work with you to come up with the perfect package for your wedding needs based on the ones that we offer.

4. What is the process to book you for my wedding?

Your DJ is there to help ensure booking them is simple and straightforward. There should be a process in place to ensure that you have a plan when you decide to book. 

5. Do you take requests? 

Every DJ may have different views and perspectives on requests as well as you as a couple may have very strong desires or feelings about how you want your DJ to take requests. It boils down to whether your DJ will "take all requests", use discretion when taking requests or not take any requests. In your conversations you can share your personal preference as well as get an idea of the approach of your DJ.

6. Do you provide Microphones and Sound System for my ceremony and/or cocktail hour?

Sometimes these components of your wedding may be at a different location or you may not have power where you are having your ceremony or cocktail. Ask your DJ what their procedure is on the information you share about your ceremony. 

7. How do you work with couples to come up with a playlist?

After the booking process there should be a process in place to construct your playlist for your wedding as well as come up with the formal songs for your wedding Ceremony, Cocktail Hour or Reception. 

8. Do you serve as the MC for our Reception? 

This includes making announcements, introducing different components of your wedding and ensuring your guests are having a great time. (Please refer to our blog on "What is a

Wedding DJ" to learn more details about the role of a Wedding MC.

9. How would you describe your DJ Style?

You want to determine if the style of your DJ fits the style of your wedding. If you want more of an elegant, upscale affair you might want a DJ with a personality that will fit that style, if you want more a backyard BBQ style or a Wedding full of tons of Games and Interactions your DJ should be able to reflect or adapt to that style based on their personality. 

10. What type of lighting or special effects do you offer?

Your DJ may offer uplighting, spot lights, moving lights, dance party lights as tons more that will help create the ambiance for your Wedding and cultivate certain effects on your dance floor and around the room. 

As you begin to build one of the most important vendor relationships in planning your wedding, feel free to ask any questions that come to mind as you want to get to know me as your DJ as much as I want to get to know you as a couple. With so many options for you: My goal is to find the absolute best fit for your Wedding Day that fits your theme, style and personality. 

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