• Westley Madison

How you have changed me...

You really have changed my life. If I am being honest...I can’t say that being a black man in the world hasn’t affected me. I can’t say that there haven’t been days that I wept…days I shook out of terror…paralyzed by anxiety with everything going on in the world. I can’t say that I haven’t been mad because I have. I have felt sadness...I have felt anxiety...I have been angry…but somehow someway each day I have been able to find a great degree of peace and purpose. Despite everything, after the quarantine began I knew I needed to be able to find happiness outside of just going and DJing every weekend. I knew that I would be challenged to the point where I would have to ask myself what really makes you Happy Westley? Will you give up Westley?

Then the #BlackLivesMatter movement shined a light on the racial tension in this country…and the race riots and the murders began and I was deeply troubled on top of that my brain has the tendency to somehow think and imagine the worst possible outcomes...at times. But you will also realize that I have a heart that treasures more than anything the most beautiful, wonderful memories in life and the people connected to that.

As a black business owner…and as a black man, I have had some challenges…I have had looks of fear or opposition, I have had instances where people weren’t as inviting or open to having me there or be apart of a particular event but never has that been you (my couples). You accept me...you like me...you asked me to be apart of your life & I matter to you. I treasure how much you see me, you know me, you listen to me and you support me. I matter to you and that’s quite honestly enough for me. I will choose to hold onto that, I will allow my heart to tell my brain to focus on that Westley, week after week…day after day...month after month. Couples like you have said to me “We want you to be our DJ” and then afterward said...”West, you were more than my DJ you are our friend” That statement is why I love doing what I do. You support my wife and my son and my family! I just want to tell you, thank you!

I also believe that and have seen with my very eyes music bringing people together...families…sometimes of different races and ethnic groups and backgrounds and I have seen them if only for one moment get out on the dance floor and celebrate love and happiness together. Race not being an issue... an opportunity not being an issue….background….socioeconomic….just love! I believe Love always wins!!!! I can not wait to stand in front of you, your friends & family, and see that happen at your Wedding!

I just want you to know I support love and I thank you for showing me and my business love and support and for allowing me to be apart of your Love story!

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