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Our Wedding Story...

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

We believe in love, in commitment, and in making your dream wedding become a reality. We believe in marriage. We believe and support YOU. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it deserves the absolute best. 

My wife and I started this business and work together everyday to make your wedding dreams come true. 5 years later, we thought it would be fun to share our wedding day with all of you!!

I TRIED MY BEST to keep it together but I just couldn't. I have been waiting so long time for this moment and it was finally here. I remember when she told me what song she was coming down the aisle to...I started to listen to it over and over, imagining the moment. But nothing compared to when the doors were opened and I stood at the altar. Her dress, her smile, her hair! Everything was PERFECT. 

The officiant told me to keep my head down until she was visible and I did. When I was finally able to look up I saw the most confident, beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on singing the words Beyonce "Brown Eyes" the entire way down the aisle. 

The woman I dreamed about......to me she was perfect. As we got to our vows, I wanted to make sure they were perfect so the morning of: I created an acronym that I could remember forever.

The acronym was her name Shina

S: I vowed to SERVE her always

H: I knew HUMILITY was the key to our marriage 

I: It was my God given responsibility to INITIATE with her in love

N: She would need me to NURTURE her, to be sensitive to her needs and wants

A: Admiration. I ADMIRED so much about her and I wanted to for the rest of my life

We want to get to know your love story! We want your wedding to be everything you deserve and desire! We want you to have the BEST WEDDING DAY EVER!

My wife and I are committed to making couples like you have their wedding dreams come true.

Let your love story begin.  

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DJ West Entertainment is a Virginia Beach Wedding DJ serving Norfolk, Chesapeake & Hampton Roads. Professional & high energy, DJ West will make any event rock.

Turning your party into memories that last a lifetime!

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