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My Wife, My Business Partner, and My Inspiration!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, Shina!

She keeps me grounded. She keeps sane. She is confident. She helps me to keep this business afloat, more than that she is Shina. Her parents named her Shina because when she was born she came out shining. That is really who she is! She brightens up whatever room she walks into, she is always trying to help others around her, she is very family oriented, and she is an amazing listener! She is a loyal friend and compassionate person. She cares so deeply and wants the best for the people she loves.

Let me tell you how great this woman really is! Shina facilitates contracts, invoices, calls, and client and vendor meetings! She plays a huge role in connecting with our brides and understanding them in ways i can't. She is our chief financial officer. She helps make major purchasing and marketing decisions. She meets with clients in person with me and over video and phone. She also does day of coordinating and wedding planning for some of our clients! Running this business with my wife was the best choice I ever made!

A little backstory.....She was born on March 8th, 1989 in Portsmouth. She was born as the baby of 7! A beautiful baby girl! After elementary school she moved to a small country area in Suffolk, (she is a country girl at heart) for example: running through the street with no shoes on is when she is the most comfortable! In middle school she played volleyball and basketball. She then moved to Chesapeake to live with her grandmother, who she loves so much, and who she is also very much alike. She started doing gymnastics and then fell in love with dance. She graduated from Oscar Smith High School and attended Old Dominion University! This is where she developed her love for technology but also her deep love and commitment with God and her church. She graduated in 2011. Got her big girl job in 2012 at Norfolk Public Schools and started dating me the same year!

I proposed to her on August 31, 2013 and we planned our wedding in 5 months for some crazy reason, but when you know you know! We were eager to say the least. One thing she told me when we dated was she wanted us to please God and honor God in everything and in our relationship. We married February 8, 2014 and she gave birth to our first son 3 years later February 17, 2017. Joshua Alexander Madison, who is in heaven. One year later on May 30, 2018 she gave birth to the apple of our eye, Jaxson Avery Madison!

Tomorrow on March 8th 2019 she turns 30! She has done so much. She has been through so much. She is the most faithful woman I know. She is the strongest woman I know. One thing I want more than anything is for her to continue to blossom in her 30s as she continues to grow into the mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend that she is destined to become.

Happy Birthday to my wife, my business partner, and most of all my Inspiration!

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