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How to have the BEST wedding ceremony with the help of your DJ.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Let's make your wedding the best day of your life! Through this post I am going to go over my frequently asked questions. My main goal is for you to get your questions answered directly through me, a wedding DJ, and to let you know how to have the best wedding ceremony for you and your partner. I’ll help set the tone from the minute your first guest arrives to the moment you say I DO and walk back up the aisle together. No two weddings are the same. Your wedding is special and unique and we love this chance to be a part of this day for you and your forever best friend.

What does a DJ do for my ceremony?

As your ceremony DJ, my main goal is to provide the ambiance you want as soon as your guests arrive to your wedding. Often times guests will get to your venue early so I will be there to greet them with a smile, direct them on where to sit, as well as play music to put them in a good mood for your special day whether your wedding is outside, inside, on the beach, or under a tent!

Should you use microphones for your ceremony?

That is totally up to you! I have a full sound system that is battery powered and has microphones for you and your officiant during your ceremony. We can discuss and if you feel it is needed, we will always give you the option. If you are having a small intimate wedding, it is sometimes better to not have microphones and your guests will still be able to hear you. 

If you are having your wedding in a huge outdoor venue or reception hall, I would encourage you to have microphones. Sometimes, we just need one wireless microphone for you two and your officiant. Especially if you are doing personal vows.

Can I work with musicians or live singers?

Yes of course. We have the capability for them to have their sound projected and for them to plug into our sound system. We will be able to play any instrumental songs needed for singers or add extra microphones for musicians. 

What do I need to choose songs for?

For a "traditional wedding" 

We will need to choose music for the following parts of your wedding ceremony:

Parents escorted down the aisle

Groom, Officiant and Groomsmen


Flower Girls and Ring Bearer

Bride Entrance

Sand Ceremony/ Candle/ Unity/ etc.

Exit Song (Recessional)

What type of music should we choose for our ceremony?

We can play anything from classical to R&B to alternative rock to motown classics to acoustic instrumentals to pop or hip hop, etc.  We will work together to hand pick each song. I want you to feel comfortable to implement YOUR type of music. Your ceremony may be short and sweet but the music we choose will help make it all the more sweeter!!! 

Can you edit songs, shorten them or start them at certain parts? 

Of course. In your client portal or in our consultation you can let me know any way that you want to have a song edited or changed and I will make it happen. 

Do I need to stick to one song or genre or artist?

Of course not! We can incorporate different genres in your ceremony song selection and I will be able to mix and blend them so that they go together perfectly. 

What if I am getting married in a church? 

Some churches allow me to use their sound system...it is best if we are able to connect with the church leading up to your wedding day to ensure we have everything we need for your ceremony. Also speak to your church to see if they have any limitations or specifications on whether they require you to have a sound technician work with me or to have their organist play or if they have any restrictions to the music we choose for your ceremony. 

4 Tips on how to have the BEST Wedding Ceremony:

1. Write Personal Vows (Take time to share about a story or moment that you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them) Have as many personal as well as memorable commitments that you can make to the love of your life

2. Choose Ceremony songs that mean something special to you (It's ok if the groom wants to come out to Bohemian Rhapsody or Bring Em Out or Chicken Fried....if that will get him and the groomsmen pumped, that is totally fine! It is a guaranteed way to create an atmosphere of LOVE & FUN. Bride: Don't worry about what people will think, walk down the aisle to a song that you absolutely love! 

3. Tell your officiant your love story and have him incorporate that in his message. Do everything you can to make the bridal party feel special leading up to the ceremony (with gifts, pictures, kind words, and food) they will set the tone for the rest of your guests.

4. Having music before and during the ceremony will also help signal to guests that it's time to be seated or get quiet by upping the volume or tempo. Most guests will arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the ceremony starts, but the wait will seem a lot longer if they have to wait around in silence. We will play when they arrive so they can enjoy themselves. 

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